As the national debt approaches $20 TRILLION, Donald Trump continues to push for a fiscally irresponsible border wall.

Trump’s pet project is a political stunt that will harm relations with Mexico and deprive liberty of American citizens who own most of the land on the border or regularly travel across the border to conduct business or visit family.

And experts say the wall will make little impact on Trump’s purported goals of curbing unlawful entry of people or drugs.

So please, sign the petition below to your U.S. Representative and Senators urging them to STOP the wall.

Petition to My U.S. Representative, Senator Mark Warner, and Senator Tim Kaine

Whereas: Donald Trump’s proposed border wall is now estimated to cost more than $65 billion, more than six times what Trump said during the campaign;

Whereas: President Trump has no way to fulfill his promise to force Mexico to pay for the wall, so American taxpayers will be stuck picking up the bill;

Whereas: To build the wall, the government would need to use eminent domain to seize Americans’ property;

Whereas: The wall would aggravate relations with Mexico, the United States’ third-largest trading partner, and impose hardships on citizens, lawful residents, and visitors of Mexican heritage;

Therefore: As your constituent, I urge you to oppose any expenditures for Donald Trump’s fiscally irresponsible, unnecessary, and divisive border wall.